Karaoke Sound System includes a pair of powered 8″ or 15” speakers with stands and connection cables.

Karaoke Sound System

Digital Mixer

Sound System

12-Input Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets with 4 Programmable MIDAS Preamps, 8 Line Inputs, Integrated Wifi Module and USB Stereo Recorder.
USB Connectivity and Stereo Recording

The front panel USB type-A connector makes the XR12 not only an amazingly powerful digital mixing solution, but also allows recording your live stereo tracks directly to attached USB flash media or harddrives. Dial in the perfect live mix with effects and zero-latency, while sending a dedicated stereo mix to your thumb drive for recording, or play background music in a break.

Whether you’re making rock history in the studio, or you want to capture intimate live performances – it’s never been easier to record stunning tracks with exceptional clarity.
1.Karaoke player KV-800SH can connect to the Touch screen by VGA interface. The user can through handwriting or slide the screen to select the songs. And the songs also can be shown on TV. It can be used for the business occasions, such as KTV, Night Club etc. It can be shown on TV and Touch screen at the same time, we called it “Dual screen”
2.If the karaoke player KV-800SH without connects to a touch screen, the user can select songs by wireless mouse or the remote controller, the menu will be shown on TV. We called this “Single Screen”, generally speaking, it was used for home entertainment system.
3.Lively 3D interface
4.The karaoke player support HDMI and VGA dual output 
5.Private songs library will make you find your favorite songs within 3 seconds
6.USB high speed adding songs is faster ten 10 times than the common one.
7.Removable hard disk design makes our karaoke player KV-800SH can support dual 3T SATA hard disk
8.The special function of songs has preview and inter-cut function
9.Karaoke player KV-800SH has BBE tone optimization circuit inside.
10.Karaoke player KV-800SH has the rising tune and falling tune function